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One of the biggest problems with most of the English learners is that they are generally muddled with the various aspects of English. Most of them think that they can improve speaking skills by learning grammar rules and expanding their vocabulary, however, they forget that their basic goal was to enhance their speaking skills. With these activities, improving your speaking skills is always going to be an uphill struggle.

Just recall the way you learnt your native language. Did you learn grammar when you started speaking the language at the age of 3-4 years? Of course not! Then how did you learn the language?

Certainly, by listening and speaking the language around. This clearly brings forward the reality that in order to increase your speaking skills you need to listen and speak the language. You can easily do that by involving English speakers around you in your efforts to become more fluent in English; ask them to help you practise, to test your vocabulary or to correct your wrong framing of sentences.

You can also refer to EngVarta- English practice app to make your practice easy by talking to English experts. This app makes the job easy for learners to effectively get used to the language by providing daily sessions with experts.

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