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Family safety is everyone’s top concern and technology is transforming the safety measurements.
We have leveraged the technology to deliver a peace of mind for everyone.
We offer ODM/OEM/JDM service to our partners to define their own products by using IoT/Wireless/GPS technology combined with different sensors.
Deliver a platform of connectivity for your users which offer features like location tracking, communication, and emergency alerts.
Protecting your children while they are online can be a difficult and scary task for any parent.
While it is important to introduce children to computers and the Internet, it is also just as important to do this in a safe environment.
To help you with this Family Safety, which is a parental control applications that monitors your children’s online activity, and if necessary, controls what they can do on the computer.
Our family safety devices are the right balance of technology and human brains.
Our family devices provide real-time tracking at ease on smartphone provides, with multiple features and two-way communication.

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