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Four Way Ball Valves Manufacturers:- Uses of Four Way Ball Valves
KHD Valves Automation Pvt Ltd's Ball valve's ease of operation, repair, and adaptability lend it to extensive industrial use, withstanding pressures up to 1000 bar and temperatures up to 752 °F (400 °C), depending on design and raw materials used. Sizes typically range from 0.2 to 48 inches (0.5 cm to 121 cm). Valve bodies are made of metal, plastic, or metal with a ceramic; floating balls are often chrome plated for durability. One disadvantage of a Ball valve is that they trap water in the center cavity while in the closed position. In the cold climates, the sides can crack due to the expansion of ice forming. Some means of insulation or heat tape in this situation will usually prevent damage. Another option for this situation is the "freeze tolerant Ball valve". This style of Ball valve incorporates a freeze plug in the side so in the event of a freeze up, the freeze plug ruptures (acts as a sacrificial disk), thus making for an easy repair. Now instead of replacing the whole valve, just screw in a new freeze plug.

Four Way Ball Valves Manufacturers:- KHD Valves Automation Pvt Ltd
KHD Valves Automation Pvt Ltd mainly manufactures Industrial Four Way Ball Valves. Each and every Ball valve passes through stringent quality control tests at every stage of production and each valve is made perfect in every respect. Optimum quality of raw material is used for manufacturing. Each Ball valve is tested on In-house Modern facilities as per latest Indian / International Standards for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Testing. Standardization of Four Way Ball Valves components manufacturing is done which ensures easy interchangeability and hence maintenance becomes most easy and quick. Show More


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