Mega G3 New metal detector technology

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nMEGA G3 Gold Metal Detector 2020nThe MEGA G3 is the latest release of this unique metal detection device from Germany’s mega locator's companynIn addition, MEGA G3 has technological features that efficiently reduce the impact of heavily mineralized soils.nThe Mega G3 is made of high-quality metal detectors, high performance, and ease of use.nIt includes two search systems, a powerful Long Range locator system, and a new Ionic Scan system.nSEARCH SYSTEMS:n1-LONG RANGE LOCATING SYSTEM:nMega G3 includes an advanced long-range localization system that has been developed exclusively for this device by Mega Locators.n2-IONIC SCANNING SYSTEM:nMega G3 includes a unique ionic exploration system that is used to detect ionic radiation emitted from long-buried gold treasures and ancient artifacts on the ground.nGenerally, every metal object buried underground has an ionic field around it, and the radiation emitted from this field increases over time.nTherefore, the longer the body is buried underground, the greater the Ionic field that surrounds it.nAvailable Languages are:nGerman, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Persian, Turkish, and ArabicnThe machine is fully German, guaranteed by German factory mega locatornMega G3 is available exclusively with special price and free shipping to all countriesn Just call us and order your device nown Call+WhatsApp : 00971507737755 nCall+WhatsApp : 00971503380055 nfor more information Visit our website : n Video: subscribe to our Youtube channel: Detector, Metal Detector, Burial Detector, Treasures Detector, Metal Detectors, Gold Detectors, Gold Detector, Metal Detector, Water Detector, For Sale, Gold Detector, Gold Detector, Forest, Gold Detector Price, Best Gold Detector, Gold Detector Prices, Well Detector, Treasure Detection, Burial Detection, Metal Detection, Gold Detection, Tomb Detector, Vault Detection,, Saudi Gold Detector, Gold Detector in Jordan, Gold Detector in Egypt , Gold Detector in Palestine, Gold Detector in Lebanon, Water Detection and Artesian Wells, Smallest Gold Detector in Egyptn Show More



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