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We are a full service clinic that specializes in custom Hair conditioning, Hair Nourishments, Herbal Hair rinses, Hair masks, Shirodhara and provide a cure for Hair Loss, Infected hair, Dandruff, Hair breakage, Split ends, Skin infections , Dry, inflamed, oily scalp conditions and other Abnormal hair conditions etc. We also feature hair care products.

Hair loss is caused due to many reasons. We check hair loss and allow hair to grow luxuriously, enhancing your looks and increasing your self-confidence.

We treat dandruff with simple, natural remedies and with panchkarma treatments like takradhara, nasya, shirobhyang etc. Certain anti dandruff products available in the market can cause burn, itchiness, swelling and a host of other reactions in the scalp. Ayurveda provides better solutions for dandruff without side effects. Ayurprevencia Clinic provides anti dandruff applications and they can be used at home too.