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Purvakarma Snehan is a requisite process for every panchkarma which involves application of oil externally and consumption of the same through oral route. Oil consumption helps organs to lubricate, to become soft and unctuous inside. It also helps doshas to become loose inside the body.

External application of oil or ghee or any medicine is sometimes a kind of remedy for some diseases. For example - Oil massage, Ghee gently poured inside the eyes, Oil soaked cotton kept on Fontanelle, sitting in Oil bath, Oil Pulling in mouth, shirodhara - gently pouring oil on forehead, etc.

Purvakarma Swedan: is a process in which body starts sweating. Sweating relieves heaviness, pain, muscle spasm, etc. we use Shigru, Punarnava, Erand, Kulathh, Yava as medicines for sweating. According to Charak there are 13 types of sweating procedures. We conduct Nadi Swed, Parishek, Sankar Swed- Pind Swed. Shali Shashtik Swed, Annalep, Valuka Swed, etc. procedures for sweating.


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