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VAPT Company in Dubai has taken a new dimension altogether with Indian Cyber Security Solutions. The way ICSS has taken up the service of Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing to a notch level higher is well and truly praiseworthy. The rise in hacking attempts all over the world have really made it sort of mandatory for businesses and companies to go for VAPT more often than not. And when you are thinking on the same lines of getting a proper VAPT done to be absolutely sure of the security aspect of your organization then Indian Cyber Security Solutions, the best VAPT Company in Dubai should be your go to company for certain. If there be any vulnerability in the OS, network or web application chances are highly likely that they can be exploited by attacker anytime. So, it almost goes without saying that a thorough vulnerability assessment is something that is highly desirable in order to find out the susceptible areas and then by performing penetration testing to know the severities of such risks and suggest and implement the mitigating measures.