7 Security guards services provided by McCray Global Protection

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McCray offers security guards services most of the countries like Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle, Washington D.C, Toronto, Sydney, San Juan etc. We have built a special team for the guidance of our security guards. Generally, if we want to hire security guards we contact offline security guards provider companies for it.We are giving opportunity to all the people who want security guards they may contact. We are providing security guards services for 24 hours and 7 days in a week. There are many security guards provider in New York or other countries. We have different policies and services .

Why do you hire our security guards?

    McCray always ready to help our clients with the best security guards.

    We know the value of our clients and their property.

    We determine the cost of security guards services equal for all.

    We also provide assurance for the safety of our clients.

    Our clients may easily contact to us if they have any issues from the guards

McCray’s Unarmed and armed security guards in New York and other countries

McCray offers unarmed security guards in all the countries. Generally, Unarmed security guards are the first level security for the people to prevent thefts. They do not have guns. They have a powerful strength and personality to protect our clients.

Armed security guards carry guns and other weapons to prevent our clients from any violence and high level attacks.

Security services by Mc Cray

There are various security services provided  by McCray.

Retail Loss prevention security services:

According to a National Retail Federation (NRD) study there are 36.5% of external theft chances in retail stores. In most of the cases it may be internal theft. Internal theft can be your employees. To prevent any losses you should hire safeguards or security guards. If you have any loss it may also affect your employees salary,purchase inventory and products and store lease.

Warehouse asset protection

Commercial business owners are always worried about their products. Production companies all over the world depend on their storage areas. If there are any security issues raised there would be a huge loss and also effects on employee’s morale. Therefore to avoid warehouse production warehouse owners hire security guards.

Fire watch security prevention services

Fire watch security is the most important security service.Fire watch security guards prevent fire. Fire watch security guards patrol all the activities in the place or property. They are watching all the risk of fire breaking out and checking the fire alarm.

Event security guards by McCray

For many security reasons many professionals hire event security guards for making their event successful. We are well aware that in any event there is a possibility of a large number of people who attend the event. Event managers hire security guards for the several reasons:

    Prevent uninvited guests

    Crowd controlling in the event

    Alcoholic person activity

    Handle a crime or accident

    Deter crime or theft

    Make event guests secure

Construction site armed security guards service

Construction site is one of the targeted sites for thieves and vendors. Construction site builders need security guards for their construction site for monitoring 24 hours and response, for the lifted tools and equipment on the site, unwanted visitors etc.

School armed security guards service

Mc Cray also provides security guards for school. School security guards always watch all the activities of children, prevent students from fighting and bullying, inform parents for their children aggressive and depressed activity, handle violence activities etc.

Hospital armed security guards service

In hospitals, security guards are required to watch all the activity of the patients who come in or out. The security guards prevent patients, staff and doctors from violence and theft activity.

Emergency responsive services

McCray offers emergency responsive service in the United States. Clients can measure security guards from the tracker.

Hire Security guards from McCray

If you want to take security guards services in New York or other countries you may check our site or call us at 833-832-6647.





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