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Dr Megan Gray is the best dentist in Lindenhurst. She has a multi-specialty Dental office in Lindenhurst, equipped with latest equipment and the best dental facilities. Patients will be in safe hands as Dr Gray is a qualified cosmetic dentist in Lindenhurst with years of experience and has obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor in Dentistry degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago. All your oral issues would be cured by our gentle care and the relaxing environment will put patient at ease.

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental ailments patients can experience, something every dentist tries to prevent and treat through proper dental care. However, in some cases, a tooth may become too damaged to keep in the smile; alternatively, the mere presence of impacted or wisdom teeth may risk the health of other teeth in the smile. For instances like these, Dr. Gray recommends tooth extraction in Waukegan, Libertyville, Gurnee, Wadsworth, Lindenhurst and the surrounding communities. We care about the comfort of our patients and hence provide painless teeth removal treatment in Lindenhurst.

Sometimes,adult teeth normally present within the smile must be extracted due to extreme decay. Improper oral hygiene may allow bacteria to cause tooth decay, even if oral health habits are improved later in life. Certain traumas can also cause the death of a tooth’s inner pulp; if a root canal is unsuccessful or not performed by a certain time, the death of this tissue may necessitate the extraction of the tooth.

Our Gurnee dentist can perform most simple extractions for decayed teeth. Removing these teeth prevents the rest of your smile from experiencing gum disease, infection or further tooth decay.

Wisdom Teeth, also known as third molars, are the last teeth to enter the smile.Unfortunately, these teeth often enter a smile that is not large enough for them. This lack of room increases the risk of imp action with wisdom teeth and the possibility of a wisdom tooth eroding neighboring teeth, exposing them to decay. The eruption of wisdom teeth in some patients endangers the smile.

Our Gurnee dentist can perform some wisdom teeth extractions, depending upon each case she sees. Because of the complex nature of these treatments, you may have to be referred to an oral surgeon. An appointment with Dr. Gray will help you determine the best way to treat your wisdom tooth.

Dr. Megan N Gray provides most simple teeth extractions, and some wisdom teeth extractions. Patients in Gurnee, Waukegan, Libertyville, and beyond can protect their smiles from the decay present in or expected due to a few teeth through these procedures.


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