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Root Canal Treatment is the treatment of choice when the decay is at an advanced stage and involves the pulp/nerve of the tooth. The pulp inside the root canal of a tooth contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue which may become infected or inflamed due to bacteria and their by products.Dr Bari Dental Clinic boasts of the best Root Canal Dentist in Pune. Dr Bari Dental Clinic provides the best Root Canal treatment in Pune.
We at Dr Bari Dental Clinic focus upon providing excellent patient care for root canal treatment in Pune by incorporating latest technological advancements like rotary endomotor, apex locators and digital X Rays thereby reducing the patient’s discomfort, chair time and enhanced treatment quality at affordable cost.
Single sitting RCT vs. Multiple visit RCT:
Single sitting RCT offers many potential advantages compared to multiple sitting RCT. It is less time consuming hence more comfortable for the patient as well as the dentist. A single sitting root canal is indicated when the pulp is only superficially inflamed and the root canal is relatively free of bacteria. Conversely, if the pulp is necrotic and/or associated with periradicular disease, the root canal system is infected. In these cases, the dentist will opt for Multiple visit RCT. The root canal system is cleaned, an intracanal medication is placed, and the canal filled at the later visits. However, It must be realised that the option of single sitting and multiple sitting Root canal treatment in Pune is dependent upon specific clinical situations irrespective of the patient’s choice.

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