Advanced testing kit and analysis software for visual eye test

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Virtual Visual Field, even though a cornerstone of glaucomadiagnosis, has always been a cumbersome and difficult test to administer aswell as undergo. It was the only standard test to assess the functional damagedue to glaucoma for several decades and had not evolved much despite rapidadvancements in technology. This is now the era of Virtual Reality, and severalinnovators started to develop head-mounted visual field testing devices derivedfrom gaming headsets including the extremely low-cost Google Cardboard.

Virtual Reality is an upcoming field and Perimetry is only oneof the aspects of Ophthalmology being advanced by it. The Periscreener[1] developedout of a collaboration between Aravind Eye Hospita[2]l andVellore Institute of Technology, essentially consists of a low-cost GoogleCardboard headset, two ordinary android smartphones, and a Bluetooth clicker.It was crude and did only suprathreshold testing, but worked as a prototype

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