Ayurvedic Treatment for Urticaria

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Urticaria is a disease characterized by rashes on skin. In ayurveda Sheetapitta has almost similar symptoms and causative factors as Urticaria. Asatmya, Virudhahara and Dushivisha are common etiological factors for these diseases. Cause asatmya comes under category of allergy. Ayurprevncia Clinic manages aim of patient’s education, avoidance of
known triggers with medicines. Patient consumes allopathic treatment i.e. antihistamines, glucocorticoids which provides temporary symptomatic relief. Patients have to take medicines for long time, which may be having some unwanted side effects. Ayurveda can provide permanent cure for the disease without side effects.
In Ayurveda, the sequential administration of Shodhana therapy and consumption of certain Shaman Yogas are quite beneficial in sheetpitta or urticaria. Ayurvedic medicines are cost
effective, easily available and safe for long term use.
Ayurprevencia Clinic conducts vaman, virechan for the treatment for sheetpitt / urticaria.
It also treats patients with shaman treatment. It uses haridra, durva, jesthamadh, patol, amruta, ringni etc plants in shaman treatment, aaragwadh, munakka, nishotar in shodhan and panch tikt medicated ghee as anupan with them.
Sometimes patients continue modern medicines for some time. Then with the of panchkarma and ayurvedic preparation, slowly doses of the same are gradually reduced and are stopped.
Results after shodhan panchkarma and shaman treatment in urticaria are encouraging.