Ayurvedic Treatment of Frozen Shoulder

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Frozen shoulder is a common, painful and debilitating condition that can last for months or years affecting up to 5% of the population. Frozen shoulder is a descriptive term used to indicate a clinical syndrome where the patient has a restricted range of passive and active glenohumeral motion without abnormalities of the joint surface, fracture, or dislocation.

Radiographs are usually normal but may show minor osteoporotic or degenerative changes of capsule. Degenerative changes in the neck are common.

In ayurveda it is called as Avbahuk. Avabahuka is a disease characterized by morbid vata dosha localizing around the shoulder joint and thereby causing loss or dryness of shleshaka kapha as well as constricts the siras at this site leads to loss of movements of the arm.

Ayurprevencia Clinic conducts Nasya, Basti, Snehan, Swedan etc panchkarmas for shoulder pain. Skanda basti is special type of snehan karma which corrects the shuska dhatus that are the root cause for the vata vitiation and imparts strengths to the joint. It nourishes the shleshaka kapha, stimulates the sensory nerve endings which relaxes the muscles and related structures of shoulder joint therefore relieving the pain. Patrapottali swedan enhance local microcirculation, by increasing the diameter and blood flow velocity of peripheral arterioles, delivering higher level of oxygen and nutrients to the injured cells. It stimulates the initiation of abduction as well as the depression and stabilization functions of the rotator cuff.

Ayurprevencia Clinic also advices shaman treatment which includes oral intake of herbal products.

Ayurprevencia clinic also prescribes oral medicines for shoulder pain, stiffness which include plants like guggul, rasna, guduchi, dashmool, shatavari, sahachar, nirgundi, ashwagandha, jatamansi, bala etc for the treatment