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A backache is a musculoskeletal disorder. Due to an injury, sedentary lifestyle and less physical activity backaches have become increasingly common.

There is an increase in disability due to lower back pain and it is now being called as the leading cause of disability worldwide. Lower back pain is estimated to be affecting 540 million people across the world at any given point in time, according to the study.

Ayurprevencia clinic conducts panchkarma with patrapinda sweda, nadi sweda, matra basti and shalishashtika pinda sweda and snehdhara to reduce the pain, to increase the power in back and leg muscles, to increase the physical activity, motor and sensory functions.

Snehana and swedana helps to pacify the vitiated vata while shalishashtika pinda sweda along with matra basti works as nutritive treatment for muscles and bones. Snehadhara improves motor as well as sensory system.

Ayurprevencia clinic also prescribes oral medicines for back pain which include plants like guggul, rasna, guduchi, dashmool, sahachar, nirgundi, ashwagandha, jatamansi, bala etc for treatment.