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Mohali, India

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Akssn provide CNC Tools in Mohali. The concept of computer numerical control (CNC) incorporates a wide range of machines that perform various functions. In recent years, these automated machine tools have been widely applied in all manufacturing industries in Mohali.
Types Of CNC Tools
CNC Cutting Tool
The majority of CNC machines utilize some types of cutting tools in Mohali. These tools perform precise cuts on metal, wood, steel, aluminum, and a variety of other materials. Multi-axis cutting tools can move in many directions, enabling the most precise cuts possible on the materials at-hand.
CNC Drilling Tool
Drilling tools can be very high-powered, which allows a machine to drill through most materials of any size and thickness.
CNC Router Tool
CNC router bits have the capability to cut materials like aluminum, brass, copper, and a variety of non-ferrous metals. They can also cut fiberglass, plastic, PVC, tiles, and wood.
Some CNC machining processes use electrical discharges to manipulate materials. The desired shape of a material can be obtained by using electrical discharges – or sparks.


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