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Gurgaon, Haryana
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M3M Urbana Premium draws inspiration from clean lines and sharp angles. This is a guiding principle of its seamless design and connection with M3M Urbana. Equanimity and distinctiveness are its core elements.

M3M Urbana Premium is the next stage of M3M Urbana with the target of making building an ultra-premium platform for international brands and international conglomerates to flourish along. Its seamlessness not to mention distinctive edge provides it a distinctive look that permeates each whole and business under its umbrella.

Design is that the soul and lifeline of the designed surroundings of M3M town Premium. M3M town Premium style is innovative nonetheless a continuation of M3M town because the design retains the utilization of earthy colors and materials of the present development, however, the clear lines and sharp angles provide a new dimension to the facade. The design permits optimized area coming up with on the retail front, while the workplace tower is meant as a clean economical floor plate with a linear core on the west face that helps in shielding the workspaces from busy retail areas. With powerful flowing lines and swish contours at the side of dateless interaction of glass and stone provides the look of M3M town Premium a robust aesthetic look. Get More Details Please Visit Here at : Show More


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