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Many things determine the life of your printer, from the make and model of the thing, to how well and often it is used. However, the duration your printer will work properly is not set in stone – you can avoid common problems and the need for Printer support by taking care of a few things.

Cleaning the Inside of the Printer
Among the many ways you can do well by your printer, is the act of keeping its interior clean. See if there is too much paper dust or debris when the printer is opened, and wipe it away gently. This should not take more than five minutes in all and you only need do it every month or so. If the printer does a lot of work, then check two to three times every month.

Closing the Manual Feed Tray
Your printer probably has a feed tray, which you need to close when the printer is not in use. Since it sticks out from the printer when open, someone passing by could accidentally knock it over or break it. It may become a hassle if you keep pushing it open and closed, but this is one of those preventative measures you will be glad you took.

Replacing Cartridges That are about to Dry Up
Printer Head
Keeping In Standby Mode

You should not wait for your cartridges to dry up before you replace them. There are several warnings, which will go off if there is not enough toner left, but you can wait awhile. Not too long though, since dry cartridges can cause wear and tear on the printer head.

Taking Care When Replacing Cartridges
There is a good chance you will be carrying out a lot of replacements of the printer cartridge. Be careful when you do this. Make sure you have read and are following any given instructions, such as not touching the cartridge’s bottom. That can affect the print quality, which can be bad for the printer as well.

Keeping the Printer in Standby Mode
It is never good for the printer if you switch it on and off a lot. However, if you will not be using it for some time, the standby mode can be utilized. If instead the printer is kept on, it will generate substantial heat, which can cause the print header to dry up the cartridge. The header gets clogged this way. Standby mode is best if you will not be using the thing for a few days.

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