Top 5 IT Security Tips for Remote Workforce

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Although remote work has evolved to meet the needs of the modern workforce, it still lacks the security required to keep threats and attackers out of the organization's ecosystem. Read on to learn more.

A big number of companies have switched to remote work practises for more than a year. Many of them now have teams spread across the globe, with staff from various countries and working in different time zones.

What can the lack of good security do?

Twitter, one of the largest social media firms, was hacked by security attackers while working from home in 2020, despite having a robust CyberSecurity staff. The attackers gathered information on corporate employees who worked from home and contacted them as Twitter IT Administrators, prompting the employees to share their login credentials. Once they acquired the credentials, the attackers were able to get access to the company's administration tools and reset the accounts of a number of well-known Twitter users.

Top 5 IT Security Tips for Remote Workforce

1) Encryption tools - Use set-and-forget encryption technologies to provide end-to-end protection for your remote workforce's on-device apps, and give end-to-end protection spanning from encryption to scanning.

2) Firewalls – Installing a line of protection for all of your organization's systems will prevent any threats from entering them, and firewalls will do this efficiently.

3) Zero Trust Security – Keeper's zero-knowledge security architecture enables on-premise, cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments and infrastructures for client-side encryption key management, which can be quite successful in safeguarding your company from distant data breaches.

4) Password Audits and Reporting & 5) Advanced DevOps

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