Why Are Businesses Screaming Multi-Cloud?

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In this COVID era, multi-cloud has grown in popularity since it empowers IT enterprises. Let's take a closer look at why businesses are clamouring for multi-cloud.

Lets Understand What exactly is Multi-Cloud?

Let's imagine you want to employ a storage system in your VMware Cloud, but you also want it to integrate with AWS workloads to increase scalability. Multi-cloud can assist you in accomplishing this. A multi-cloud strategy allows you to use different cloud providers on your existing IT infrastructure to meet your needs.

Every cloud service provider offers a service that best meets the demands of a business (depending on the type of company), and with multi cloud, one may choose from a variety of these best services from many providers to create the greatest combination for them.

How to Find the Right Multi-Cloud Provider for your business?

1) Is your multi-cloud service provider capable of implementing consistent data management policies across several clouds?

2) Will they be able to make the transition between services' inputs and outputs go more smoothly?

3) What security measures do they have in place?

AI-TechPark’s Multi-Cloud Pick of 2021 – Rackspace Technology

Rackspace Technology, a leading end-to-end multi cloud technology solutions provider, is one of our top multi cloud service provider picks this year. Rackspace has a variety of distinct characteristics that distinguish it as a leading industry player, but the following are a few of the most notable:

Unlike many other service providers, Rackspace assesses a company's current state of data integrations and apps across the whole ecosystem before making integration recommendations that best meet the organization's objectives.

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