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A flawless strategy for collecting Big Data is essential for managing massive amounts of data from diverse sources and extracting the most value to assure trusted business decisions

What is Big Data Collection?

Data collection is a method for gathering and analysing large amounts of data from a variety of sources in a methodical manner. This method allows us to get a complete and accurate view of a company's decisions. Data collection is, of course, nothing new; it has been an ingrained habit for millennia. In addition, scholars have struggled for centuries to process and assess vast amounts of data.

Big data collection revolves around the following types of data:

Network data - This information is collected through various networks, including social media, IT networks, the Internet, and mobile networks, among others.

Real-time data - They are produced on online streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Skype, Twitch, or Netflix.

Transactional data - When a person makes an online purchase, they collect this information (information on the product, time of purchase, payment methods, etc.)

Geographic data & Natural language data

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