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The progression of technology in the field of Voice AI has been exceptional! Read more to know about the current state and application of Voice AI, its evolution.

Before a decade, talking to a machine or computer was fascinating, like remember the days of Star Trek, a Sci-Fi series, where humans used to communicate with the computers. We all, always wanted to talk to computers. Back then, we were not able to but today we can. Thanks to recent advancements in voice technology, AI and IoT have now made that a reality. All your smartphones, smart speakers and other devices – that can now be controlled by voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa.

Evolution of Voice AI

In the early stages of chatbot development, the core NLP method was used to design the chatbots as Machine Learning was not exactly feasible. By the time the machine learning methods came into effect and use which channels more data and code. Let’s learn the historical outline of Voice AI in the order of progression.

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