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Texas City, Texas
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7 months ago

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InnovA is the world's premier online Auction Software, connecting buyers and sellers of rare objects. Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for amateurs and experts alike to buy or sell their items with confidence. We make it easy for collectors to find the perfect piece by cataloging every item on our site. InnovA has an unlimited potential in its ability to connect buyers and sellers from all over the world; we are continually growing as an international company that provides more opportunities than ever before!

InnovA is the leading provider of Simulcast Auction software. InnovA provides a unique and powerful platform for auctions. The software helps our customers maximize their revenue by providing an intuitive, scalable, customizable interface that supports all aspects of successful events--live or online! As the only company to offer both types on one convenient platform; we reduce risk through advanced analytics while also allowing you full control over your event no matter where it's being held thanks again in part because Innovative Technology like this doesn't come easily these days.

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