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Three very effective Lakshmi Sadhanas on Akshaya Tritiya

Publish Date: 25-03-2012 09:13:32
Contact name: Shweta
Location: Dubai
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Dear All,
I am here to announce that i am performing three sadhana at three different
Vedi on the very auspicious muhurta of \"Akshaya Tritiya\" on 24th April

These sadhanas are very effective and have outstanding results. Almost impossible to perform on its own as the costing is too high. Only possible through group. Grab this opportunity to get such auspicious 3 sadhanas done for you and your family!!

The name of the sadhana are:

1. Santana Lakshmi Sadhana
2. Griha Lakshmi Sadhana
3. Rina Mochan Lakshmi Sadhana

Anyone can get himself/ herself registered for the sadhana. The person
taking part in the sadhana by getting himself/herself registered will get
all the results of the sadhana. It is because the sankalpa on his/ her name
will also be taken in the sadhana. Everyone who will register himself/
herself will need to send one recent photograph of himself/ herself,
father/ husband name, gotra name and correspondence address. The last date
for registration for this sadhana is 10th April 2012. The effects of these
sadhanas are as under:
1. Santana Lakshmi Sadhana: Those who are not having any child or are not
able to have after lot of remedies can have child with the blessing of this
sadhana and the child will provide name and fame for sure.
2. Griha Lakshmi Sadhana: This sadhana is for those who are not getting
married/ having problems in married life.
3. Rina Mochan Lakshmi Sadhana: This sadhana is for those who are not
having job/ good and successful career/ financial issues/ loans pending.

After the completion of the sadhana, everyone registered for the sadhana
will be sent an amulet. Only one amulet will be sent and it will energised
by all three sadhana mantras. Also one who will be registered, will
automatically be part of all three sadhanas.
The fees for all the three sadhanas is fixed at Rupees 2000/- (Two thousand
Rupees only) per person. For those who are residing abroad, need to send 42
dollars per person. Physical appearance is not required in the sadhanas.

If Husband and Wife both are getting registered, then instead of 4000 they
need to pay only 3000/- or 62 dollars.

For making payment and getting registered, please send a mail on about your consent to take part in the sadhana along
with the details mentioned earlier.
Hare Krsna!!

Rajat Kapoor
Vedic Astrologer & Ayurveda Expert (Website on Vedic Astrology) (Forum on Vedic Astrology) (Website on Ayurveda)

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