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Icd 10 constipation

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Understanding ICD-10 codes for constipation is essential for medical professionals and coders alike. ICD-10, which stands for the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, provides a standardised system for documenting and coding medical conditions, including constipation.

In the icd 10 constipation coding system, it is categorised under code K59.0. This code specifically pertains to "constipation," which is defined as the difficulty or infrequent passage of stools. It's important to note that ICD-10 coding goes beyond just identifying the condition; it also allows for additional details to be captured.

For instance, the system accommodates the specification of whether the constipation is acute or chronic (if known). Documentation can also include any complications or underlying causes contributing to the constipation. This level of detail ensures accurate coding, which is crucial for proper diagnosis, treatment, and billing.

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